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This home sits on a 25' x 187' lot, interior of 2,192 sq. ft. with an 854 sq. ft. basement.

exterior - heading not displayed
House Front
House Back
Back Deck
Back Deck
House Front
House Front with Lights
main floor - heading not displayed
main floor fish eye 1
main floor fish eye 2
main floor fish eye 3
main floor front 1
main floor front 2
main floor front 3
main floor rear 1
main floor rear 2
living room 2
main floor
main floor 2
kitchen 10b
coffee bar
feature wall 1
feature wall 2
floor plan main
Mezzanine 2
Mezzanine 3
Main floor full
second floor - heading not displayed
waterfall stairs
master bedroom
master bathroom
master bathroom
middle bedroom
jack and jill Bathroom
front bedroom
second floor hall
upper hall 1
upper hall 2
upper hall 3 with laundry
second floor plan
lower level - heading not displayed
basement 2
basement 3
basement 4
basement bathroom
basement plan

Construction Details

ICF Foundation (Insulated Concrete)

The foundation is concrete encased in a polystyrene foam. The foam aids in the curing of the concrete and acts as an insulator thereby preventing leaky or cold basements.


Framing is constructed with engineered lumber and spruce plywood - no OSP plywood used.

Steel Roof

This lightweight, durable, material will withstand the elements better than its shingles counterparts.

Basement Floor

The basement has heated flooring which has an number of advantages such as being more efficient than baseboard heating and does not distribute allergens common with forced air systems.

Krion Counters

Countertops in kitchen and bathrooms are made of Krion - a solid surface made from quartz dust and aluminum. Krion is non-porous, antibacterial, warm to the touch, and resistant to scratches; it can also be repaired. Visit Krion for more information.

Doors, cabinets, trim, and baseboards

The above items are laminated with PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and therefore are washable and easy to clean.


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